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miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011



On Wednesday 24 of March of 1999, the archaeologists of the National Museum of Rome discovered Great Alejandro's Palace. -

During several generations the searchers of antiques dreamt of this discovery, but difficulties of technical order prevented to advance in so arduous task. -

The development of the aeronaútica will also play a very important paper, the love of a parejilla, the chance helped a little, and I not eat, Alejandro put his grain of sand. -

The history was this way:
Your eras an atom in the Universe, a point in the eternity, a splendor of light in a recently used for the first time spring. -

Your you were not anything, and you were everything at the same time. -

Your parents were well a parejilla it pounds that were tripped in the University, rotating hugged by the embankment of the life. -
They were everything, and they were he/she swims at the same time. -

So when arriving to this point, the air intervened. -
The soda oxygen mixture and nitrogen was there from the beginning of the times. -

Your parents had studied it as a fluído sustentante for flying devices; but you not; your you felt it like a puff of new light in your recently used for the first time chest. - The new light of a Wednesday 24 of March. -

The air. Immaculate sustrato of similar and different layers at the same time. Each one with a color and a different flavor. The shade of each layer determined its own essential density. -

In this point the light appears. -

The energy form that showed in wave form or of particle, according to the `Profesores of your progenitors. To tí, you didn't care that of the energy the most minimum thing.

To tí what you really cared was that sensation of heat that you felt. The first night it confused you a little that that later, much later, they would explain to you that it was the artificial light. -

The following morning, the thing changed. She was simply presented alone, without hurries, without roars. A pleasant sensation of heat at the beginning. And then……., that was an authentic show. The contours of the objects began to be distinguished. The colors were presented without mixtures and firm firm ,tan appeared as the smile of that lady that he/she looks for where, he/she was your mom.

The light. Glorious gift of the firmament. Face of life that you bring him the vital memory of their origins. -

Later, the sound. -

That that more you remember it is mom's beat, 70 times per minute. Plos, plos. Plos, plos.

Then you heard yourself to same tí, in full protest to pass from the liquid state to the gassy one.

That of that gentleman that looks for where your dad, era was a strong voice, of thunder, powerful as the ray; he made: brom, brom….. brom, brom…brom.

The sound, the melody, the compass. The compass in the melody of your sound. -

It was this way that the archaeologists, being jumped all the procedures until then employees, steered airships and they looked for Great Alejandro's Palace laboriously.

Up, in the sky. Flying over the lands. Examining the valleys.

The parejilla looked for and it looked for.
With the time and the use of the digital picture, they learned how to distinguish among a natural sedimentation, a coralline formation and the form in that the reliefs masqueraded to the step of the millennial narrow canyons. -

The earth was presented fertile. the horizon adopted capricious forms, the nature palpitated.

So one day it simply happened. -
The cotton clouds opened up. The light plane with the parejilla drifted among the calcareous narrow passes. The silence.

They slipped toward a leafy valley.
Before their juvenile eyes an unexpected vegetable elevation appeared.

They descended in daring person it maneuvers.

And they discovered what the nature had prepared for them: Great Alejandro's Palace.
It was this a beautiful terracotta construction and glasses of brilliant rock.

In their interior, hundred of rooms with the half-open doors, left free the road for future conquests.

And in the heart of the Palace, the authentic Great Alejandro's bedroom, conqueror of East and West, gentleman of the eternity, forces and life.

Their majesty the King.

They knew that that entire marvel had been granted them; what you/they never suspected fué the extraordinary force that the glasses of brilliant rock will print in their hearts.

On Wednesday 24 of March of 1999, the archaeologists of the National Museum of Rome discovered Great Alejandro's Palace. -

For Loreto and Alejandro, with the affection of their friends.



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